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  • I’m new here. Where do I begin?
  • I'd like to submit a guest blog post. How do I do that?
  • Who gets to see my information and how much will they be able to see?
  • What is this site all about and why should I share my information?
  • You are missing an option that I am looking for (ex: a cancer type, hospital, treatment type, etc). How do I add it?
  • What are you going to do with our information?
  • Is You Can Connect just for people who beat their cancer?
  • Where did the idea for You Can Connect come from?
  • How is You Can Connect different from other cancer-related sites?
  • Are there age restrictions?
  • Do I have to pay?
  • What is the username for?
  • Using You Can Connect

  • How do I find someone to connect with?
  • Why isn’t there anything on my newsfeed?
  • What can I do once I connect with someone?
  • What is the Dear Cancer section for?
  • How do you use the Discussions section?
  • How do I know when someone comments on my activity?
  • How will you moderate the site?
  • Do you remove users who are on the site for the wrong reasons?
  • How much of my story do I have to share?
  • Is there some way I can give access to family and friends?
  • Where can I find medical information and advice on cancer?
  • Business

  • Do you have any partnerships or affiliations?