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When Depression Clouded My Judgement, I Knew To Ask For Help

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Lymphedema advice please...

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Dear Cancer...

Dear Cancer, How fucking dare you? I hope you're happy with all that you accomplish everyday, you have an impressive kill rate and even if we 'win' we live in suffering until you come back to claim your prize... [Read More]

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Survivor: Ewing's Family of Tumors

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Dear Cancer, You lost; I won. You thought you could steal my hair? Well it grew back thicker and better than before. You thought you could steal my confidence? I became braver than I ever thought I could be. Thanks to you cancer... [Read More]

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Survivor: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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Dear Cancer, It may seem like you are just controlling my life right now but your presence is just making me stronger, wiser, and braver as time goes by. You don't have a chance against my dad so give it up. Love (but not... [Read More]

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Supporter: Multiple Myeloma

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