You Can



Money – it’s not what we want. We want your rubbish. That’s right, the old mobile phone lying in your bottom drawer collecting dust can help us raise money.

We will use this money to build specialised youth cancer centres for 15 – 30 year old cancer sufferers. You Can make a difference.

There are 7 simple steps:

1. Send us your mobile phone, it’s free and simple! Buy Strattera CLICK HERE buying Viagra online buy esomeprazole to learn how.
2. All mobile phones donated are delivered to a central Australian warehouse.
3. They are then counted and sorted into manufacturers models.
4. After sorting, the memory inside your mobile phone is completely erased so all of your details are removed.
5. If you accidentally left your SIM card inside, don’t worry. All SIM cards are destroyed.
6. Your mobile phone is then refurbished and resold. Parts like covers and batteries are replaced with new ones.
7. Any mobile phones we cannot re-use, will be broken down to their constituent parts, such as precious metals and plastics and be recycled through licensed recyclers.