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Cancer is the leading cause of disease related death amongst Australia’s teenagers and one in 100 Australians is diagnosed with cancer before the age of 30. Add to this the fact that in last 25 years there has been virtually no improvement in survival outcomes for 15 – 30 year olds – there is an obvious and urgent need for action.

On behalf of young people living with cancer, CanTeen and Sony Foundation’s long term aim is to fund the stablishment of youth cancer centres throughout the country. These centres will address the lack of improvement in cancer survival for this age group, by providing a focus for collaboration amongst medical professionals, facilitating the development of clinical trials, encouraging specialist training and allowing for the delivery of a psychosocial support service equipped to deal with the issues specific to this age group.

This is a $30 million project. Through the Youth Cancer Networks Program, the Australian Federal Government has committed $15 million to improve services, support and care for adolescents and young adults (aged 15 – 24 years) with cancer.

CanTeen is committed to raising the additional $15 million in corporate and community support and Sony Foundation is proud to support CanTeen in this mission.

Australia’s teenagers and young adults deserve specialised care, in an age appropriate environment. Sony Foundation and CanTeen are determined to tell this story in the public arena and, together with the public, raise the necessary funds to urgently establish a network of specialised cancer services and help give Australia’s youth a fighting chance.

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